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Levitra is the modern remedy for treatment of erectile dysfunction. Levitra is rather new remedy that has appeared recently but.

Levitra is the modern remedy for treatment of erectile dysfunction. Levitra is rather new remedy that has appeared recently but due to new formula it has been succeeded to create perspective and effective remedy. Levitra restores durable and healthy erection very quickly and successfully after that you can show all your man’s power. Erectile dysfunction is serious disease and now its treatment takes particular place, but with such remedies as Levitra this disease is not a problem. Levitra was tested by numerous researches and was approved by FDA department, USA which is responsible for control of remedies, that’s why you can be sure of safety and quality of this remedy for 100%.

Influence of Levitra

Levitra has very strong and safe influence by its natural connection with organism. All processes which lead to appearance of healthy erection go only under the influence of sexual stimulation. Levitra is not a stimulator; it just helps to restore qualitative and powerful erection for some period of time. But under the influence of Levitra you can be sure that your erection will be durable and there won’t be discomfort in sex. Active substance of Levitra is Vardenafil. Due to this remedy it succeeds to get required results.

Penetration of Levitra quickly expands blood flow and relaxes smooth muscles of penis. Penis is filled with more blood and by this way strong and healthy erection appears. It is needed to mention that after ending of sex, relaxation of penis appears. But due to Levitra you can repeat sex almost at once. Levitra shortens the time of appearing repeatable erection and acts immediately.

Levitra is active even in men who suffer from diabetes and influence of remedy continues for 5 hours that is enough for having sex.

Use of Levitra

Before using of Levitra you should consult a doctor. This high qualitative remedy should be taken directly by prescription of doctor with all recommendation, that’s why doctor should prescribe you dose, recommendations and all measures of precaution. Levitra is powerful than Viagra and Cialis that’s why the recommended dose of remedy is 10mg. Dose can be changed in case of how effective will be the use of prescribed dose.

Use of Levitra should be oral 15 minutes before beginning of sex. You don’t need to limit yourself in food or alcohol because pill of Levitra will be absorbed well in combination with fatty food. Applying of Levitra is possible only 1 time in a day.

Contradictions for applying

Use of Levitra should be correct because, observing all contradictions you will save yourself and side effects will not appear. There are conditions that forbid you using of Levitra.
It is not recommended to apply remedy in case if you have some disorders of liver, kidney, heart or you have some chronic diseases. Levitra is not recommended without preliminary consultation with doctor, allergy to Vardenafil or if doctor forbid you physical capacity.

Side effects

More spread and rare side effects are headache, vomiting, chest pain in the abdomen, loss of vision. Usually side effects will not appear during correct use of Levitra and they are not dangerous for health of man. If side effects appear, ask the doctor and it is possible that you will be prescribed special recommendations.

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