Remedies for Erectile Difficulties

Men of all ages can experience erectile difficulties, or the inability to form or sustain an erection. Originally thought to.

Men of all ages can experience erectile difficulties, or the inability to form or sustain an erection. Originally thought to be a symptom of old age, many men throughout the years resigned themselves to the fact that they could no longer be sexually active. This is not the case. Any man losing his sexual ability should seek treatment because in most cases there are erectile dysfunction cures, or medicines that can relieve the symptoms caused by erectile dysfunction.

There are many treatments and approaches for working with erectile dysfunction cures. Make sure if you suffer from this issue that you contact a doctor well versed in treating men with erectile difficulties. The low hanging fruit on the tree of treating erectile dysfunction is changing lifestyle. Alcohol, smoking, being overweight and high blood pressure all contribute to causing trouble developing and maintaining an erection. Unfortunately while these may be the most effective, men are reluctant to change their lifestyles in order to be healthy and would instead take a pill to remedy the ailment.

The most common treatment is medication based. It’s impossible to turn on a sporting event without seeing a commercial for Viagra or Cialis. These are medicines that can only be prescribed by a doctor. Each varies in how much time the drug should be taken prior to engaging in intercourse. Every man is different and some do not react well to taking prescribed pills. When this is the case injections to the penis containing medicine are applied to subside the erectile difficulty. Also a drug called MUSE is a small pill that is placed in the urethra stimulating the penis and causing an erection.

Sometimes the causes of erectile dysfunction are purely mental. The brain is a powerful organ and when it is holding on to a memory or traumatic event, no matter how minor, it could prove to be sexually prohibitive. With the majority of men tying self worth with sexual function, a man could perform poorly one time during intercourse and manifest in his mind that he has a problem. This can spiral into anxiety and depression which could keep erections at bay. Many men see counseling as one of the first steps to treating the disorder. Working through the mental issues with a trained professional often removes the erectile dysfunction allowing men to return to their previous abilities.

Finally, apparatus can be purchased for stimulating the penis into forming an erection. A vacuum tube is one example of tools to physical coerce blood into the penis. By sliding the penis into the vacuum tube and pumping out the air, blood flows directly into the penis causing an erection. While all these remedies are available around the world, it is recommended to consult a physician prior to acting on any of these activities. By using a method that is not appropriate for a given condition could worsen the effects of erectile dysfunction and damage the penis. After damaging the penis finding a proper antidote to the issue is more difficult.

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