What is the Success Rate of Propecia?

Propecia is the number one selling hair loss drug in America – but does it really work, and if so.

Propecia is the number one selling hair loss drug in America – but does it really work, and if so – what is its success rate? In a recent study of 1,000 people who were in the stages of losing their hair, Propecia performed surprisingly well – far better than a placebo – at halting and reversing hair loss dead in its tracks. In this article, we’ll take a look at the actual success statistics around Propecia, so that you know exactly what your chances of being cured of hair loss are if you choose to take the drug.

Success Rate for Stopping Hair Loss

Remember, there is a difference between the stopping of hair loss, and the reversal of hair loss. In the study performed above, there was a general rate of hair loss prevention of around 42%. This means that for 42% of people who had already started to lose their hair, once they started taking Propecia, they didn’t experience any further hair loss from that point on. This is an important finding, and when combined with the next statistic, you will see exactly why Propecia is so well liked among the hair loss community.

Success Rate for the Reversal of Hair Loss

For the reversal of hair loss to take place, not only does further hair loss have to stop, but also the hair has to grow itself back in places where it was already lost.

In this area, Propecia scored a success rate of an additional 40%. This means that combined, the drug has the following properties:

42% success rate of stopping further hair loss
40% success rate of reversing hair loss which has already occurred

Overall, an 82% chance that the drug will do something for you

Remember, these two statistics are independent of each other, meaning that on top of the 42% of people who experienced hair loss stoppage, an additional 40% of people experience a reversal. If you compare that to a placebo – in which 12% of people thought they noticed a difference in the thickness and spread of their hair, you can clearly see that Propecia is much better. This conclusion makes sense because the active ingredient in Propecia has been researched time and time again in a clinical setting, and each and every time it has been proven to be highly successful in the treatment of these issues.

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